to May 31


May has been a month of instability. Get comfortable with surrender as you observe fear. If you hold onto illusions, your EGO overshadows your spirit and creates tightness in your body. Recognize the limitations your thoughts put on your physical. Do not judge what you see. Send deep breath to constricted ares of the body. Inhale and expand into the pain, and slowly release. Let go.   

Repeat to yourself, "today, I will witness the sensation of fear by feeling it. I will take the courageous step by doing the very thing I fear. I will not fight my ego, I will witness it. I will observe myself without judgement. Today, I will observe my fear, and my witnessing of it will transform it into love." *

Get as comfortable with chaos as you can and trust in a higher order to organize the chaos. 


* Deepak Chopra, 'Soul of Healing Affirmations' (album can be found on spotify)


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to Mar 20

March Surrender

This month is a beautiful one to work on Trust.  

Trust of the self - know you're capable of making decisions that are kind to your body.

Trust of others - know we're all navigating personal mazes with lessons different from the rest. 

Trust of the Universe (or God, Buddha, the Winds...whatever your belief) - know everything is exactly as it should be in this moment, for every moment.  

It is through Trust that we learn to fully surrender to the ebbs and flows of this beautiful life. Often times what we think, is the opinion of a biased and hurt ego. The ego acts out of fear, which means the ripple effect of decisions can cause stress and anxiety.

Working with the elements of Trust and Surrender this month will help make each decision more calm...giving you peace and confidence - even when the ripples are rough.  

Life is not meant to be perfect, rather imperfect with a balanced mind to help look at the ups and downs with neutral love either way. 

To honor this surrender, I'm extending free energy cleansing sessions through March. Keeping your aura clean will help shut the ego up and put your mind at rest.  As your mind lets go, so does your physical body...thus creating a powerful healing session. 

Mention this ad in your next booking and receive a free 30 minute Reiki add-on.

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to Feb 28

February Special

February is a month to focus on change. As the end of this short, unsettled time comes to a close, it's important to clear your energy so old thoughts don't follow you into the new month. Make sure your mind is open enough to follow your heart. Spring brings rebirth, and with it freedom to expand. Live it up! 

Until the month comes to a close on the 28th, I'll be offering a complimentary 30min energy cleansing session to each massage. Mention this in your next booking if you're interested in a Reiki treatment.


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to Jan 22

Level 1 & 2 Reiki Training

Reiki, pronounced (Ray-key), is an ancient Japanese form of relaxation and stress reduction that promotes the bodies' innate ability to heal itself. The word Reiki comes from Japanese Kanji meaning spiritually guided life force energy. 

In this course you will receive Reiki I & II attunements by Reiki Master Teacher, Erin Zambroski LMT, RMT. 

You will learn the Usui/Holy Fire System of Reiki Healing; to work with the energy and connect with Divine Source to administer self treatment and treatment of others.  Develop your intuition and learn to trust your inner guidance.    

* Practice Sessions to give and receive treatments will take place during the course. This is a time intended to have fun with your Spirituality in a loving, safe, and non-judgemental environment.

Tuition $280

Course Manual and Certificate of Completion included

Call Erin to sign up or for more details (623) 680.8790

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