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May has been a month of instability. Get comfortable with surrender as you observe fear. If you hold onto illusions, your EGO overshadows your spirit and creates tightness in your body. Recognize the limitations your thoughts put on your physical. Do not judge what you see. Send deep breath to constricted ares of the body. Inhale and expand into the pain, and slowly release. Let go.   

Repeat to yourself, "today, I will witness the sensation of fear by feeling it. I will take the courageous step by doing the very thing I fear. I will not fight my ego, I will witness it. I will observe myself without judgement. Today, I will observe my fear, and my witnessing of it will transform it into love." *

Get as comfortable with chaos as you can and trust in a higher order to organize the chaos. 


* Deepak Chopra, 'Soul of Healing Affirmations' (album can be found on spotify)


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