Intuitive Massage

Through guided breathing techniques and use of essential oils, we work together to open space for stress, anxiety, and physical pain to release. Massages influence the energetic field, origination and insertion of muscles, and other pressure points throughout the body. When working with both the cellular and dense parts of our beings, sessions range from a light touch to deep tissue work.

Cupping Therapy

Known as one of the deepest forms of bodywork, this tradition Chinese Medicine technique creates a powerful detox through suction of trigger points on the body. The pulling effect breaks up deep tissues and pulls the toxins to the surface (the best place on the body to detox). This process ignites circulation to help heal pain, inflammation, blood flow; and returns your body to a natural state of self-healing. 

Reflex Magic

This hour is a sweet relief of all pressure points in the feet and face. It’s a combined art using hot towels, gentle cupping (no suction marks will be left on the face), and trigger point work to detox, restore flow in the lymphatic system and blood stream, and release tension in facial and cranial muscles. Working with reflex points in the feet and face will open the meridians (your Qi, or energy flow) in the entire body for total relaxation. Those with chronic headaches, ear and throat congestions, facial skin issues, stress and anxiety will greatly benefit.

Breath Coaching

This is an hour session of guided breathing to help you slow down and bring full attention to your breath. Through this practice, you will learn to oxygenate your blood, calm your nervous system, and release muscle tension. Once breathing techniques are learned, bodywork sessions become much more powerful. Often it’s hard for a therapist to manipulate the structure when there’s limited oxygen flow through the body. This is a powerful hour on its own, and encouraged for all clients to fully understand my work. It is not required to receive a massage. Regular hour rate applies.


Massage and Cupping






Reflex Magic Session


 Punch Cards

$400/5 60mins

$575/5 90mins

$750/10 60mins

$1,050/10 90mins

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