Intuitive Massage

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. 

Through guided breathing techniques, calming vibes, and use of essential oils, we work together to open space for stress, anxiety, and physical pain to release.  

Working with the origination and insertion of muscles, and other pressure points throughout the body, I help guide your oxygen to aid in the healing process. Massages can range from a light touch to deep tissue work, depending on what the body calls for.  

Cupping Therapy

Known as one of the deepest forms of bodywork, this tradition Chinese Medicine technique creates a powerful detox through suction of trigger points on the body. The pulling effect breaks up deep tissues and pulls the toxins to the surface (the best place on the body to detox). This process ignites circulation to help heal pain, inflammation, blood flow; and returns your body to a natural state of self-healing. 

Energy Cleansing

Certified 1st and 2nd Degree Usui Reiki, I work with energy fields to open blockages so a natural flow is restored. With open, clean and balanced energy, you can find peace, clarity and confidence in your daily life. Sessions are an hour long. 

Foot Reflexology

Acupressure on the foot pulls energy down and out, thus removing tension away from the body. Reflexology is an interactive session to work with the pressure points in the foot. Sessions begin with a warm foot bath and end with a relaxing foot massage. This hour rejuvenates tired and pained feet.  Sessions are also known to relieve headaches and stress.  

Psoas Stretching

The Psoas is the only muscle that connects the upper body with the lower. Being one of the deepest muscles in the body, it collects tension that often affects other muscle layers (low back pain, Iliotibial tract "IT Band" tightness) and internal organs (bladder weakness). Sessions range 15-30mins and includes stretching of both the right and left psoas.